after a silent update (due to sf.net problems) here is a proper one, bugfix release. fixed some old tickets from trac and improved plugin sdk a little bit


it's been a while since last release... 1.20 is far from perfect, but to ensure users that they are using safe software, i release it due to many security fixes included in StrongDC++. also, 1.20 contains new Object Oriented PluginSDK - this means old plugins have to be updated (i'll do it soon). LuaAPI wasn't welcomed very well so it's a dropped feature as well - for this i made a BCDC++ compatible plugin which will be released along with winamp_spam update.
and no, as you can see, this project is NOT dead :)


time for a bugfix release - this one fixes most of odd/annoying crashes (merged to strongdc++ svn) and potential remote exploit


rsx++ got a bit rusty, so its time to release a new version! this one has many bugfixes but is also a bit experimental - there is new LuaAPI, PluginSDK and some new cool features ^^


introduced new forum and bug tracker - bug reports, feature request or suggestions now goes to trac as a ticket. this change allow me to manage all this things in one place. hope you'll like it ;)


added a small tool - User Commands Converter, to easily change old commands set with old variables to fit rsx++


rsx++ have a new site - thanks goes to I.nfraR.ed!


after almost a half year, here it is, a stable release of rsx++ - this is a very important update. there is also additional release - a 64 bit version (this isn't marked as fully stable)


a quick fix was released


after a "short break", second beta is released :) binary and source are available in download section


released first RSX++ public beta.